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Therapies are available from both the Whitecross Road, Hereford Clinic and The Body Clinic, Leominster.

Please note that Thai Yoga Massage is not currently available at the Hereford Clinic (but it will be soon).

Online booking is available for both Hereford and Leominster. Simply click the booking links below to see availability.

If you are unsure what type of massage would be best suited to you or if you have a complex health condition please contact Zoe directly.

She is always happy to discuss treatment options and answer any questions.

Sports massage to shoulder

Sports Massage

Techniques are used to target problem areas, promote recovery, and improve range of movement. This is not only for sports enthusiasts but anybody suffering from muscular-skeletal issues. A postural assessment is carried out to determine the best course of treatment. Recommended for people experiencing acute or chronic pain.

Deep tissue massage

Deep Tissue Massage

A firm pressure is used to ease muscular tension and release connective tissue. It can help with aches, pains and reducing stress. Stretches can be incorporated to free up space within the body and improve range of movement.

CBD Massage

CBD Balms Photo

Increase the therapeutic benefit of your treatment by adding organic CBD muscle balms.

Warming and Cooling muscle balms use a combination of broad-spectrum CBD and essential oils with anti-inflammatory and pain relieving properties. These can be used to aid post-workout recovery or target specific problem areas. When booking your treatment select "Add CBD Oils" before choosing the date and time. Also available to purchase by the pot for use at home.

Thai Yoga Massage

Yoga Massage

Sometimes described as lazy persons Yoga. Yoga like stretches, pressure techniques and mobilisations are used to release muscular tension. Sen lines (energy pathways) are worked on to stimulate and balance the flow of energy through the body. (Only available in Leominster)

Holistic Massage

Holistic massage

Using a variety of techniques to relax and restore aching muscles, improve circulation and the elimination of toxins. This treatment can focus on easing muscular tension at a deep level or be for overall relaxation.



Using pressure techniques on the feet to stimulate reflex points and bring body systems back into balance. Deeply relaxing and excellent for improving sleep.

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